Welcome to JurnosWiki!

Jurnos are entrepreneurs. Jurnos come from all walks of life. Jurnos are community managers. Jurnos are community organizers. Jurnos are catalysts for economic enterprise. Jurnos embrace conversational media. Jurnos strive to serve and be trusted sources for their communities.

JurnosWiki is:

  • a resource for (all types of) jurnos (no matter what organization you're in)...
  • who have created or are thinking about creating Web-based niche news sites.

It contains, or contains links to:

How Do You Join JurnosWiki?

See that link in the upper left that says "Join Wiki"? Click on that. Then:
1. Join Wikispaces (username, password, email address).
2. Search for "Jurnos".
3. Ask to join JurnosWiki (WikiSpaces will send us an email).
4. We'll let you in. (JurnosWiki will send you an email.)
5. Get creative. Add information to pages. Add a discussion to pages. Add pages. If you have a niche news site already, we'd love it if you used the case study template to add information about how you started your site. If you want to work on projects with other JurnosWiki members, the Projects section is a good place for that. A few informational pages, such as this one, are locked. The rest are the community's, to provide information, good ideas and information.

Who's behind JurnosWiki?

Jane Stevens (director of online strategies at The World Company in Lawrence, KS), Amy Gahran, Adam Glenn, Bill Mitchell (Poynter Institute). We've put the water on to boil. Added a few stones. Now we're waiting for y'all to add spices and veggies. This soup belongs to all entrepreneurial jurnos, no matter where you are. Got a question? Contact any one of us.
This wiki was started as a companion to the RJICollaboratory,which is a Ning social network for jurnos.