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From Justin Carder, VP biz dev, Instivate (the company that developed Neighborlogs), and publisher,, which uses a Neighborlogs platform:
+ We've been in a private beta since November while we ramp up the service for a public beta. You can register for the private beta at
+ Sites are 100% owned and operated by the site owners. They own all content and run the biz that represents the site.
+ Neighborlogs is like Wordpress in that we're the gears that make it easy -- but our editing tools, community features and advertising service are designed for neighborhood blogs and news sites.
+ We're building an expanded set of site templates for the public beta. Our guiding principle when it comes to templates and design is to keep the system simple so anybody can make changes without working with code.
+ Self-serve advertising is an important part of our service but site owners can also direct sell and bill for their inventory and keep 100% of the proceeds.
+ Other sites using the Neighborlogs service to check out:

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