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50 Awesome Online Lecture for Social Media Masters -- Some good Webinars here.

Growing a social network

Newspaper columnists ought to be the perfect bloggers. So why aren't more doing it well?
A good how-to by Robert Niles, OJR, July 2, 2009
An example provided by Ben Smith (, The World Company's social networking guru: The Casual Gardener "Shawna Lee Coronado is a great example of someone who wrote a newspaper column, used social media, blogs and online very successfully to brand herself and promote her content. As a result, she managed to get her column syndicated, a book published, does speaking engagements and runs a successful online business. This is also a great success of the niche content model; keeping a focus not just on gardening but on environmentally conscious gardening has really been another success for her."

Poynter's Chat -- a weekly conversation about social networking tools

19 Presence Management Chores You COULD Do Every Day -- Five on Twitter, six on Facebook, five on LinkedIn, and four for your blog. And more good advice in the comments.

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The best Twitter guide going is Mashable's Twitter Guidebook.