HOW TO DO.....

Here are the general categories so far:

Advertising and Marketing --

Assessing your community's ad potential, Marketing on the Web, Marketing in your community, How to sell ads, What about Google ads?, etc.

Anatomy of a Launch -- Which comes first, the business license or the blog post?

Newspaper in a Box -- A J-Lab project, Newspaper in a Box was put together by Mark Briggs, author of Journalism 2.0. It offers general guidelines on how to start your own Web-based news site, "without contracting out for Web design, coding or consulting." Organized into four sections, the e-learning module covers how to plan your site, build your site, present it and promote it. Each subsection has room for comments.

Business --

Insurance, Licenses, Taxes, Legal Issues, etc.

Content --

Mapping the community, Beatblogging, Features, Choosing the right medium for the story/post/, Databases, etc.

Legal --

Putting this in here twice, to differentiate between business-related and other legal issues.

Social Networking --

Managing comments, Growing a social network, Twitter, CoverItLive, Facebook, MySpace, etc.

Technology --

CMS, Videocameras, Still cameras, Computers, Hosting service, etc.