Case Studies

We want to gather as many case studies as we can, using the format in the "Case Study Template" page. That approach has been helpful for the people who are starting niche news organizations. If you'd like to add your site, please copy that format, start your own page and feel free to embellish.

Case Study Template

Capitol Hill Seattle

CapitolHillSeattle - Justin Carder launched his startup news site on a Neighborlogs content management system in Spring 2008. Neighborlogs is a free platform (CMS and hosting) for people who want to start niche-based news sites. Carder does business development for Instivate, the company that owns Neighborlogs. He's a one-person band, and focuses mostly on posting to the site and helping community members improve their storytellng. With Neighborlogs' self-serve advertising model, he's pulling in some income, but not enough to be self-supporting yet. - When Bob Gough lost his job as news director at a Quincy, IL, TV station in October 2007, he had a choice: Move to another city or figure out another way to stay in the journalism biz in Quincy. He didn’t want to move — Quincy was his home. He had a wife with a successful career there, and three kids who weren’t keen on pulling up roots. So, he found a couple of local investors and, on April 28, 2008, launched The good news: he’s making a living….$1,000/week. He loves what he’s doing. The site is growing. And so far there isn’t any bad news.

West Seattle Blog -- Tracy Record and Patrick Sand say: Don't call it a blog. It's a local news site that uses a blog format. Tracy, a former assistant news director at a local Seattle TV station, is the editor; Patrick Sand, her husband and the one with a degree in journalism, is the business manager. They serve the West Seattle community, where about 68,000 people live. They make a living from the 40 to 50 advertisers that put display ads and coupons on their site. We've put together a detailed case study that chronicles their progress. Latest update, January 2009.